While Indian Healthcare has made much institutional progress with high growth rate and various individual components of the value- chain maturing into players in their own right, this hasn’t translated into a high value proposition for those who can afford private healthcare nor as progress in terms healthcare outcomes for everyone, regardless of ability to pay. The Directors Forum would like to invite all healthcare stake-holders to ask and answer the question of healthcare value for both private and public healthcare.

We hope to leverage the collective will of clinical, managerial and policy leaders to create, execute and disseminate new models of care, benefits and governance that maximizes clinical,economic and social value.

  • To provide an interactive platform for knowledge exchange and ‘creative experimentation’.
  • To facilitate migration from structure and process compliance to outcomes democracy.
  • To ensure ‘strategic focus’ on the patient and the cycle of care.
  • To make visible healthcare ’s value proposition: provide best care at lowest cost.
  • To encourage strategic alliances and sharing of best practices across the healthcare value chain.
  • To offer an innovation eco-system for a futuristic healthcare.
  • To enable an action- research framework for leadership in local, regional and national healthcare.
  • To explore the synergies between competition, collaboration and regulation in designing systems for all.
  • To channelize  strategic momentum through imaginative application of information and participation technologies.

The agenda of the Directors Forum is not business – as – usual. We intend to create the future of Indian Healthcare by maximizing the demand and supply of value .