The Institute of Healthcare Quality is a non-profit organization supported by the  Healthcare Quality Trust registered under the Maharasthra trust act . The directors forum is to set right the ‘strategy void’ that is prevalent in Indian healthcare. Your support will help the various stakeholders keep their eye on the ‘big picture’ in Indian Healthcare.

Creation of value for patients should determine the rewards for patients, should determine the rewards for all other actors in the system. Since value depends on results, not inputs, value in health care is measured by the outcomes achieved not the volume of services delivered”             – Prof. Michael Porter.

Your contributions will enrich the Forum objectives :

Make the healthcare system patient centric.

Improve access and participation of patients.

Ensure transparency of the outcomes and costs of care.

Strive for universal healthcare.


Integrating the supply chain in healthcare provision.

Improve quality and reduce cost  of medications and tests.

Avoid over diagnosis and unnecessary testing.

Benchmark excellence across geographies.


Create models of care delivery that minimizes hospitalization.

Enhance the effectiveness of boards of  healthcare organizations.

Build public private partnerships.

Design delivery models for chronic diseases.


Introduce Quality and Cost into Healthcare Curriculum .

Clarify the benefits of right kind of competition.

Re examine the nature of professional incentives.

Emphasis the moral foundations of healthcare.


Build integrated practice units that deliver value to patients.

Improve participation of patients through shared decision-making.

Assure safety of patients.

Build delivery models around medical conditions.


Encourage competition on value.

Cost across the care- cycle.

Share access to Centers of Excellence.

Create innovative payment models.


Adopt information technology to promote seamless  integration.

Create report cards that empowers public.

Promote inter-operability between platforms.

Enhance analytic  capability .


The Forum is about Fundamental Change. We have the aim, knowledge and will. Help us realize our vision for Indian Healthcare.

Please fill the contact form below if you wish to explore the possibility of contributing to the initiative.