The Directors Forum is a premium Members only forum that is open to senior level professionals in clinical, administrative[private & public], pharmaceutical, insurance, medical devices, information technology, management consulting, patient advocates and public-health NGOs.

An ideal forum member is one who is passionate about healthcare and is willing to be a change agent among his peers, in his organization, community or even the country.

The Forum promotes three ‘knowledge – to – action‘ Sciences: Implementation [Evidence], Improvement [Practice] and Integration [Strategy].

Membership Benefits :

  • Bi-annual Leadership Development training.
  • Access to Strategic Planning Resources.
  • Join Tele-Medicine Boot Camps.
  • Access to Bench-Marking Club.
  • Participation in Breakthrough Collaboratives.
  • Back-end Healthcare Analytic support.

To find out more, please fill in the enquiry request form below and our executive team will contact you to discuss the comprehensive benefits of joining the forum.